Investing with Russell Hosner

For over 20 years, Russell Hosner has helped investors of all levels access the benefits of owning mid to large scale investment properties.

Through partnering with Russell Hosner, clients are able to invest less money than normally required but still reap the rewards of larger, better performing assets.

Handling all aspects of the investment process, our office locates quality properties, negotiates favorable terms and sources the best available financing.

Russell Hosner also handles the management, maintenance and future financing during the entire ownership period. Clients enjoy passive ownership in properties that are typically non-passive investments.

Fair dealing, honesty and a strong performance record has earned Russell Hosner a stellar reputation within the investment brokerage community.  We provide clients consistent access to highly desirable properties, often not available to the general public or other investment agents.

Russell Hosner leverages its experience, knowledge and relationships to provide clients excellent value, greater opportunities and significant returns.

If you would like to learn about current projects, ownership availability and investment details please contact our office.